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Speech Therapist Letter Of Recommendation

Posted on Friday, June 17, 2011 in Speech Therapy

Preparation for graduate school?

I am a graduate student in speech therapy and am currently working on the desk of a speech therapist. He has extensive experience and is willing to write a letter of recommendation. I cared for her son, who suffers from a disorder developing about a year. ¿I can put So in my application to graduate? Also, can not afford financially to support his son because I nanny pay enough, but I continue just to experiment? I grew attached to the child. Thanks for the advice.

Why not? It is an experience in a related field and clinically significant that the council has a licensed speech therapist and certified. You do not have to tell you paid for it other than as a babysitter. You can not get college credit, but experience is valid. What are your thoughts on this? She had to know what more I can do.

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